Representative Richard Martin has had the same haircut since seventh grade. The same goes for his worldview. He is comfortable around a variety of folks, from upper-class to upper-middle-class. He enjoys shaking hands and looking folks straight in the eye. Especially if he’s wearing cologne.

He is proud of his tenure as CEO of Ohio Petroleum & Synthetics and does not regret his cost-saving measures. He organized dumping into the river because there was a drought. He was raising the level of the river out of sheer patriotism. He still does not believe the chemicals hurt anyone. Eventually he was forced to resign because of overly-litigious lawyers representing the hysterical mothers of a few very, very, slightly deformed babies.

In his spare time, he drives around in his Humvee for hours brainstorming on how to get the price of gas down. He admits it is very relaxing for him.

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